Guillaume Gimenez

127, boulevard de Polangis
94340 Joinville le Pont
38 yo
guillaume AT blackmilk DOT fr
+33 6 21 25 11 83

C and C++ Software development
Distributed systems, storage, network and system programming


2011-04 – Today
Software Engineer, Tech leader, Scality, Paris

My technical contributions in the company were in the field of creating efficient data structures in an unstructured object store environment. I also participated significantly on the realization of a distributed POSIX compliant filesystem.

As a tech leader, while driving feature teams



2003-11 – 2011-03
Freelance Software Engineer, Paris

Contractor on several missions for the French Éducation Natonale at Rectorat de Paris

Both these platforms were exposed to massive influx of users in very short periods of time. The challenge was to absorb this huge amount of load while the original designs did not take into account any of the scalability concerns. 

Development of specific business web applications for small companies using C++


2000-08 – 2003-11
Software Engineer, Alinka (Prologue SA subsidiary), Paris

1998-12 – 2000-04
Software developer, Items Informatique, Gambais (78)

1996-09 – 1998-06
Apprentice, Matra Espace, Velizy (78)

Personal Projects: